The landscape

Many years ago Sardegna was covered by huge forests, but in 1800 the trees were used to build the railroad, and now very few are left.

The typical vegetation is made mainly of bushes (which often have dangerous thorns).

FJ dealing with brambles: how brave!

There are also the famous cacti, which produce delicious fruits.

FJ and the cactus: nothing can stop her!

In the countryside one can often find the domus de janas, which are small natural caves: the one you see in the photo is called domu de s’orcu, which means the house of the ogre, but there is nothing scary inside.

Looks scary, right? But nothing can take FJ’s smile away!

As I said, there are no forests, but there is still a lot of green.

Ah, what a beautiful day!

And look who we met during our walk.


Now it is time to go to bed, FJ is really sleepy. Tomorrow will be a long day at work.