Sardegna is a small Italian island situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, in Europe.

Sardegna in the Mediterranean Sea
Sardegna in the Mediterranean Sea

The Sardinians are proud, stubborn, and touchy people…They live in a land that is difficult and poor, but also incredibly beautiful..

San Teodoro
Not bad, right?

Sardinians are bilinguals: in addition to Italian, in fact, they all understand and speak Sardo, a language with harsh sounds.

I live in Siliqua, a small town in the south of Sardegna (the blue dot on the map), famous (somewhat…) for the Castello dell’Aquafredda, which means castle of cold water. The castle is 1000 years old.

castello dell'Acquafredda in Siliqua

The rest of the town is not that interesting, but not too bad either….

Siliqua seen from above
Siliqua seen from above

Flat Julia is really tired, but maybe we can still take a walk in the countryside, what do you think?

Let’s go!